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    Candidates will be required to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of HACCP principles, the supporting programs and relevant documentation that form the basis of a continuous improvement program. The basic steps to achieve this program are:

    Step 1. Initial workshop will be conducted in small groups to provide hands on training in HACCP principles. Development of a HACCP Template for each enterprise to complete for their quality assurance and food safety plan.

    Step 2. Followed up by, onsite visit to monitor risk assessments and assess workplace implementation of enterprise HACCP plan. Providing hands on training and assistance in the workplace to monitor the enterprise food safety program and record standard operating procedures.

    Step 3. Provide follow up assistance by flexible delivery and mentoring support program to monitor each candidate on to the next stage of achieving certification. A Self Paced Learners guide is designed to assist candidates through a series of short workplace projects and assessments and will be followed by feedback to each enterprise. 

    Upon completion of the program, successful participants will be able to demonstrate HACCP development, implementation and maintenance skills and knowledge. A risk assessment and hazard management program is developed as part of the outcome, including a self drafted HACCP Plan for their particular beekeeping enterprise or business operation. The course is an excellent precursor for enterprises contemplating HACCP or other systems certification.



    1.   B-Safe is a HACCP based food safety and quality assurance program.

    1.   B-Safe has been developed in line with current food safety and quality assurance reforms

    2.   B-Safe has been assessed by AQIS as compliant with AQIS requirements for export markets.

    2.   Using the B-Safe Quality Assurance Program allows greater market availability and export market confidence.

    3.   B-Safe is an enterprise owned food safety and quality assurance program.

    3.   Individual enterprises using B-Safe have flexibility and independence - with no annual registration fee.

    4.   The B-Safe Program is suitable for use if producing both domestic and export products.

    4.   Cost effective - one food safety and quality assurance program needed to produce both domestic and export products.

    5.  The B-Safe program has a variety of flexible delivery options, is easy to follow, and has been designed with industry input. 

    5.   Following the B-Safe program makes it easier to develop a food safety and quality assurance program that is relevant to the honey industry needs without expensive outside help.

    6.   Free use of the ‘B-Safe’ Quality Assurance Logo – issued on successful completion of certification audits.

    6.   Using the ‘B-Safe’ Logo will promote market confidence and opportunities through labelling and the use of identifiable Quality Assurance branding.

    7.  The B-Safe program is supported by experienced people qualified in training, food safety and honey production.

    7.   Experienced help is always available to assist industry members working with the B-Safe Program.

    8.  The B-Safe program is priced to make it affordable for all members of the honey industry.

    8.   Small enterprises can afford the complete Program, including support, and for all enterprises the cost can be a tax deduction.

    9.  The B-Safe program attracts some FarmBis   Funding – depending on location/state and participant eligibility etc.

    9.   FarmBis subsidies help enhance business management opportunities by making training more access able and affordable.

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